Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Interscalene Block for Deltoid Abscess

Hi everybody...

Another installment in the Emergency Ultrasound Nerve Block Project. And I'm glad to announce we've starting Ultrasound Learning Seminars and are offering nerve block and general ultrasound procedures courses for clinicians who use point-of-care ultrasound. Check us out at ulscourse.com


Welcome to the Point of Care Ultrasound blog. My hope is to inspire active learning and discussion in a forum for exchange of ideas on the use of ultrasound by clinicians at the patient's point of care (ER, ICU, OR, wards, clinics, pre-hospital, austere, etc.) My hope is to post something whenever time permits, and to include images, videos, lectures and links to references that can help others learn more about the many advantages of incorporating POC ultrasound into clinical practice.