Saturday, October 2, 2010

ULS Guided Regional Anesthesia 2010

So here's the audio and presenter's notes from my lecture on ULS guided regional anesthesia this year (split into parts for easier uploading/viewing). Feel free to email me (drmikestone at gmail dot com -- sorry for the spelled out version but trying to limit spam) with questions. And keep checking back on the site as we're launching a new education service for Emergency Physicians and other POC clinicians focusing on ULS guided regional anesthesia -- links will be up in the next 2-3 weeks.




Welcome to the Point of Care Ultrasound blog. My hope is to inspire active learning and discussion in a forum for exchange of ideas on the use of ultrasound by clinicians at the patient's point of care (ER, ICU, OR, wards, clinics, pre-hospital, austere, etc.) My hope is to post something whenever time permits, and to include images, videos, lectures and links to references that can help others learn more about the many advantages of incorporating POC ultrasound into clinical practice.